Sunday, May 26, 2013

Next year will be dead 10 brand: Nook Olympus LivingSocial options

Every year, the United States financial Web site 24/7WallSt will award ten commercial brands that will disappear next year (mainly referring oakley sunglasses sale
to the United States market brand). Before the 2014 rankings came out, including Olympus, Nook, LivingSocial, LeapWireless and other technology companies listed, and there are two more Magazine brand. Allegedly, the site selection's top ten "will die" brand based on vendor sales and falling profit levels; pessimism about the Outlook for the brand statement of the parent company; increase in cost, but cannot raise prices to compensate for; brand holders may be transferred, and so on. Impact of smart phones, consumer electronics brand of death next year leads, which predict digital book reader Nook, digital cameras Olympus brand, group-buying site LivingSocial, three brands will come to an end. Nook Barnes Nook digital book reader, doomed future obstacles from the outset. When the launch was in October 2009, Amazon's Kindle has sold more than two years, become the industry champion. In addition, the Nook and the Kindle is facing the impact of Apple's iPad (iPad have become important cheap oakleys
tools for digital reading). According to estimates, cheap oakley sunglasses
a digital book reader penetration rate this year will fall to 27%. A year ago, Nook has been granted a "life buoy", Microsoft's digital business infusion of $ 300 million to Barnes, but save nothing, then started going downhill. Barnes digital services current income, plunged one-fourth up. LivingSocial From the day of publication, LivingSocial has been lagging behind the founding group buy Groupon, and in this industry, follow the leader turned out to be a bad signal. Like Groupon, revealed the same bad results, group buying industry is almost born soon starts to fall apart. According to the authoritative media oakley sunglasses cheap
in advertising age said that prior to the first quarter of next year, LivingSocial, may be sold to a large company, or be broken up and sold. In 2010, Amazon has LivingSocial invested $ 175 million, but last year, Amazon LivingSocial of assets, including a $ 169 million. Submitted by Amazon, according to the first quarter of this year, LivingSocial lost $ 50 million over the same cheap oakley sunglasses
period last year, LivingSocial also received a profit of 156 million dollars.

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