Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Google goggles what does it mean to developers?

Third-party application developers, Google goggles full integration with Google Server, can only use Mirror API to do development. If you are Twitter, to push a new card, you can make a card that can Tweet through speech recognition features. But all data must be pushed Twitter to Google servers, Google and then pushed on the glasses.cheap oakleys

This is a flexible and were firmly in control of the system, you can push anything into the glasses on the card, such as a Web page or an iOS application. Similar to Facebook or Twitter integration of this application lets a user without feeling even in the glasses. Glasses users must be logged in to their Google account first, Google+ you for sharing photos, video, Hangouts, and contact information. As long as the associated Google Twitter account after account, you can start using the card. All third-party application settings are completed rather than in a traditional browser Google glasses themselves.cheap oakley sunglasses

But on the other hand, Google completely control which services can communicate directly with optical systems, for example, at present there is no way to turn off the glasses themselves sharing system, you can not make a system-level sharing. This method of control system application allows Google to be tightly controlled, and secondly also ensures that no application can consume too much power in the system, because it can only be done via the cloud.

Current focus is placed in the Mirror of Google API and sharing system more efficient, the developer can be used up to Android as access to ADB permission, but that's it.

Google continued to face how to break the self-consciousness of users wearing in public issues, there may be power issues. There are more developers on how to pull this development on cloud-based device, otherwise Google goggles is a photography and share the Google+ mobile devices.oakley outlet