Sunday, April 21, 2013

Speeds on the planet, such as "Flash"?

When most countries have put up with slow speed, and some States and even its suburbs are enjoying the high speed of up to 1 Gbps network. Next, let us look at the World Bank, ten countries or regions have very high speed to the oakleys
1. Hong Kong, China Hong Kong, China, at very high population density and the strong support of the Government, its high-speed network in the world, become a leader in this area. Hong Kong's average peak speed of up to 54.1Mbps, the world's first. In 2010, the 69.4% of Hong Kong's population are Internet oakley sunglasses
2. Korea Korea, as we all know is a game-loving country, is also home of several games race, its whole channels are devoted to "e-sports". Online action online games require a lot of bandwidth, so Korea average peak speed of up to 48.8Mbps and are cheaper relative to the top-level country. Korea is one of the leader in the network connection speed. Korea Government has issued policies to promote the development of broadband, wireless service is available in all major cities. Wibro and HSDPA wireless broadband technology is most commonly used in the country, most restaurants will free Wi-Fi link is available during business hours.oakley outlet